Family vacation to Duluth

Although it wasn’t our first choice of either Mexico or Florida, we decided to take a short family vacation to Duluth to spend some quality time together. I haven’t been to Duluth in over 15 years, and at first I wasn’t super excited to go, but I am so glad we did. Duluth is absolutely beautiful, and we had so much fun in 3 short days! Here are some photos from our trip!

The drive there was only 2 hours, and it actually went by pretty fast! We listed to a lot of music, and played “I spy” at least 2 times!

When we got there, it was too early to check in at our hotel, so we decided to hit up Canal Park for a couple of hours. First stop was “Canal Park Brewing Company” for lunch and a beer! Don’t worry, Charli just wanted to pose with the beer, she didn’t drink any of course. 

Our first night there we stayed at the Edgewater Hotel and Waterpark. We LOVED it, and so did the kids. We will definitely go back there sometime! Wasn’t cheap, but worth it. The best part was roasting marshmallows at night by the fire!


The next day we went to watch a sand castle contest at a  local beach called Park Point Beach. By the time we got there, it was almost over, so we found our own spot to hang out. It was BEAUTIFUL!!

That afternoon we decided to take the drive to Gooseberry Falls. On the drive there, we came across a beautiful field of yellow flowers and an old thrift store that has been closed for a few years, and found out the building and everything inside was for sale for $275,000. If I could afford it, I would up and move there right now, and start my own thrift shop!! We also saw the weirdest thing on the way there.. a truck with a dead squirrel on the bumper. How in the world did it get there?

We decided to take a 3 mile hike from Gooseberry Falls to a beach called “Agate Beach”. Let me tell you, that hike was definitely worth it, even knowing we were SO tired and hot when we got there! It felt like a dream, and we even had a little fog that evening. I could have stayed there for hours, but it was already getting late.

The next morning we hit up the Lake Superior Zoo. I wasn’t impressed, but after realizing most of the exhibits were closed due to the floods last year, I am still glad we went to see the animals and to donate money to help rebuild the zoo. Our favorite part was the twin monkeys that mommy was nursing together. So cute!

The last day there we hung out at Canal Park, had a great lunch at Angie’s Cantina, and even went on a family bike ride! We will definitely be back next year, and this time we will pay the money to stay at a log cabin on the water I think!









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