Ireland October 2015

Visiting Ireland has been on our bucket list for quite a few years. It finally happened last month! It was a short 1 week vacation,

but in those 7 days we drove all over Ireland, and even up to Northern Ireland. Check out the map below of all cities and

landmarks we visited during our time there.


Day 2: Dundalk, Ireland. What a beautiful little seaside village! Located right on the Irish Sea.

We kept it pretty low key this day, as we literally had NO sleep the night before. Sleeping on an airplane overnight is almost

impossible in coach. Our favorite part about this day was the little pub we went to, and met a few locals.

Let’s just say, the Irish like to have a good time.

Dundalk (1)Dundalk (2)Dundalk (3)Dundalk (4)

Day 3: Belfast, Northern Ireland. We originally planned to spend a full day in Belfast, but once we got there, we realized

our Wifi didn’t work in Northern Ireland, and our Euro’s werent accepted either as they only accepted Sterling.

We were there on a Sunday morning, so the city was literally dead. We decided to skip a few of the other attractions we had planned,

and instead just went to one of them, the prison tour of Crumlin Road Gaol. This prison originally housed men, women and children,

and then eventually the women and children were phased out. The prison closed just under 20 years ago.


belfast (1)belfast (2)belfast (3)belfast (4)


Day 4: Galway, Ireland and Connemara Island

This location was by far my favorite. Everything about Connemara Island was beautiful.

Sheep walking across the roads up in the mountains, fresh waste streams, fog over the mountains and small villages along the way.

Connemara (1)Connemara (2)Connemara (3)Connemara (4)Connemara (5)Connemara (6)Connemara (7)Connemara (8)

Day 5: Cliffs of Moher

We decided to take the scenic route up the cliffs. It took about 30 minutes longer, but well worth it.

cliffs (1)cliffs (2)cliffs (3)cliffs (4)cliffs (5)cliffs (6)cliffs (7)

Day 6: Blarney Stone and Rock of Cashel.

We knew that we wouldn’t get many chances to go back to Ireland anytime soon, so we decided to make the 2.5 hour drive just to kiss that darn stone.

Was it worth it? absolutely. We had to walk up a small spiral staircase and almost got stuck it was so tight. I am not a fan of heights,

but I wasn’t about to turn back now after driving that far. After kissing the stone, we drove another hour to the Rock of Cashel.

The best part about that area was meeting a stray greyhound who we named Cashel. We were so close to taking him home with us,

but knew that the costs involved would be too expensive.

blarney (1)blarney (2)blarney (3)blarney2cashel (1)cashel (2)cashel (3)cashel (4)

Day 7: Dublin, Ireland.

This was our last day in Ireland before heading home the next morning. We decided to get some shopping in, as well as the Guinness tour that evening.


dublin (1)dublin (2)dublin (3)dublin (4)


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