In loving memory of baby Harper

Sometimes life isn’t fair. The last few weeks of the Greenlee family’s lives sure fall into this category.  Expecting twin girls in January was something they looked forward to, especially having two beautiful, healthy boys in the house. Life was just getting sweeter. As Lindsay went in for a checkup in late December, expecting good news since she was so far along in her pregnancy, they were stunned to find that one of the sweet baby girls, Harper, would not be coming home with them after all.

The cause of her passing is unknown to the doctors. The second girl was born, healthy and happy just two weeks later. Hartley is her name. She’s currently in the NCIU to strengthen her little body, but she will be coming home to her family soon and we’re so thankful for that.

Please keep the Greenlee family in your thoughts and prayers at night. Sean, Lindsay, Camden, Edison, Hartley and sweet angel Harper. There will never be a time where they get over the loss of Harper, but the thoughts and kind gestures of friends and even complete strangers will surely make them feel loved.

These bereavement photos were taken and used with the full consent of the Greenlee family. Please note that if you are uncomfortable viewing these photographs, you should stop reading now.

She’s in the sun, the wind, the rain,

She’s in the air you breathe and every breath you take.

She sings a song of hope and cheer,

There’s no more pain, no more fear.

You’ll see her in the clouds above,

Here her whisper, words of love.

You’ll be together before long,

Until then, listen for her song



Gina Johnson - December 31, 2014 - 9:18 am

I believe that Sean is the son of one of my former co-workers Lonn Greenlee. He just retired and was also excited that his son and daughter in-law were going to have twins. I am so sorry for their loss. I would like to send my prayers to their entire family. You have given them a beautiful gift to remember their little girl.

austin + megan {10.24.14}

meet the lovely Austin + Megan. their wedding day was one that EVERYONE was anticipating since their engagement, including us. we just knew Megan would look as gorgeous as ever, and Austin would be so in love with his soon-to-be wife.
well their day was just as amazing as expected, Megan was stunning in her vinage-inspired lace gown, and Austin was handsome as ever. and Mack? Yeah…we’ll let the picture show you just how HANDSOME this little dude looked. not to mention how AMAZING he was on his mommy and daddy’s wedding day!
big thanks to both Megan and Austin and their entire wedding party and family for being so fun and making our job as easy as ever.
congrats to the newlyweds!
Megan Mattys - November 11, 2014 - 10:14 am

Seriously, the most amazing day of my life. You captured everything so perfectly. I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. You two are fantastic at what you do!

Thank you!!!

Josette Hayes - November 18, 2014 - 9:33 am

Fabulous! Loved every image!! Always love your work!

Chris + Kaylee | 10.11.14

Two weeks ago we had the privilege of photographing our cousin Kaylee’s wedding. We couldn’t be more happy for her as she married the sweetest, funniest, and cutest man who is absolutely perfect for her. The relationship they have together is adorable, and they are clearly both head over heals in love with each other. Another bonus for us is that they got married in our hometown of Montevideo, MN so that meant a lot to us as well! Kaylee and Chris, thank you so much for trusting in us to capture these important images for you that will last a lifetime. Now hurry up and have some babies, your kids are going to be ADORABLE! Love you both!




Guru + Nicole {9.6.14}

Nicole and Guru were married last weekend, with a GORGEOUS ceremony in an open field at Minnehaha Falls.
Their reception was held at the Day Block Center in Minneapolis. The beautiful cultural details and heart and soul put into the wedding were obvious and MADE the wedding so fun and gorgeous. From the gold foiled table markers, with all different Hindu Gods, to her beautiful Henna and Indian Jewelry, and the Indian fabric draped from the ceiling. Everything was put together so beautifully, and the love between Guru and Nicole, and their family and friends was hard to ignore!
Nicole and Guru, thank you guys for trusting us to capture these images for you. You two are just so incredibly awesome – it was so fun getting to know you and spending this amazing day with you!