sugar + spice + everything nice…

meet the Pelinka family. two rambunctious little girls, and two freaking awesome adults doing the parenting. I’ve come to know this family well over the past two years….and I’m lucky enough to get to call them family in just under one. Travis is my better half’s brother and that pretty woman next to him is his wifey, Sarah. those pretty little girls made of sugar and spice (or something like that) are Holiday + Poppy, the offspring. their sole job is to keep those adults on their toes.

these guys are the epitome of family. REAL LIFE family, too, not just the adorable, perfect smiles and coolest-house-ever you see in these images below. they are so real and so LOVING that it’s almost sickening. S+T love these little girls more than I could ever explain in words on a photography blog, so I’m not even going to try. they do fun things with them, like make TIE DYE CUPCAKES and read on the floor. I mean, COME ON. I realize it would be weird if I just showed up at their house on a random Saturday to bake and play with their toys, but I’m really tempted to at least try it. they have to be nice because I’m almost family, right?

anyway, enough out of me. enjoy these lifestyle images Erin and I had the pleasure of capturing a few weeks ago. HAVING A BLAST is an understatement. we actually had to be kicked out of their house for overstaying our welcome. between hugs from the girls, licks from the dog, and ogling over the amazing artwork on their walls, which is a mix of all things awesomely vintage, eclectic and FREAKING awesome art that S’s dad makes + sells – I’m surprised they didn’t file a restraining order against us.

ENJOY. and check out Robert’s art HERE, and HERE.






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